Protests and Tips

Finding Protests:

Many protests are organized locally, especially through social media apps such as Facebook. Check Facebook events for local organizers and events. Discord has also been suggested as a safe and secure way to organize events compared to other public social media websites such as Twitter or TikTok. For regular protest updates in several major cities, visit our Protest Updates page.


Always wear a mask at protests to protect your identity and yourself from infection. However, if you are high-risk staying home is the safest option for you. Please do not endanger your health or well-being. This virus is disproportionately killing black Americans.

If you feel sick or have been exposed to the virus. Stay home! It is not worth risking your own health and the health of hundreds of other protestors. Please wait until you recover or finished quarantine to participate in protests.

What to Wear:

Head and Face:
  • For safety reasons abstain from any makeup, jewelry (can be torn/ripped), or contacts (can cause more pain with tear gas).

  • Wear a mask! Masks make it harder for you to be ID'ed and help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Masks with triangular patterns or shiny items can throw off facial ID.

  • Wear goggles! Goggles can help protect your eyes from flying debris, rubber bullets, and tear gas.

Body and Arms:
  • Wear long layers such as denim to protect from scrapes and tear gas irritation.

  • Write in sharpie emergency contacts, lawyers, ACLU, etc. phone numbers on your arm in case you are detained.

  • Wear natural fibers like cotton that won't melt to your skin if exposed to high heat.

Lower Body and Feet:
  • Again wear clothing that will prevent scrapes and won't melt, like denim jeans.

  • On your feet, you should wear comfortable shoes to run in, closed-toe is best to protect your feet from debris, getting stepped on, etc. 

What to Bring:

  • ID

  • Memorized emergency contacts

  • A friend

  • Phone and extra battery

  • Cash

  • Water/snacks

  • Signs without sticks, plywood signs can be used as a shield to protect you from falling debris, tear gas canisters, etc.

The overall idea is to pack light.

What Not to Bring:

Avoid bringing any sort of weapons, contraband, or drugs.


Protecting the privacy of yourself and others is very important.

  • Hide any identifying markers such as birthmarks, tattoos, dyed hair, sports logos, town logos, etc.

  • Do not post photos with other protesters faces' in it

Tips on Photos:

While photos of this movement are very important please avoid exposing other people's identity. This could affect one's job, home, or family life negatively. This also may be a source of evidence for police.

Tips on Handling the Law:

If you witness or experience harassment or abuse by a police officer try to record a video and obtain their name/badge numbers.

The DEA can now surveil protests and perform any law enforcement duties that they deem appropriate. To learn more about this visit our Protest Updates page. 

If you need legal representation:

Check out the pro bono blog post that is regularly being updated with new lawyers.

If you need bail money:

Check out the organizations highlighted under the donations page, many are taking on new people and helping pay their bail.

ACLU on Rights While Protesting via their Twitter:

Tips from Other Protesters:

  • Green laser pointers can take down drones.

  • 3 tsp. of baking soda mixed with 8 fl oz. of water in a spray bottle can help neutralize the effects of tear gas without the infection risk of milk.

  • Hong Kong protesters use orange traffic cones placed on tear gas canisters and dump water on them to stop them from releasing gas.

  • Oven mittens can be used to safely pick up tear gas canisters and throw them away from yourself and other protesters. 


At the end of the day, your safety is most important. Please stay safe during these protests. If you feel your rights were violated contact your local ACLU or a lawyer. Seek emergency medical help for any injuries acquired. 

Information from:

YR Media