Volunteering allows you to continue activism beyond an inciting event and help create real change. Below some great organizations are sorted by state, click on the name to be redirected to the organization’s webpage. This list is not complete, check back for updates, and suggest an organization to be featured by contacting us.


Black Lives Matter:

Black Lives Matter builds local power through member-led chapters and works to intervene when violence is inflicted on black communities. Find your local chapter to get involved now.

Black Youth Project 100:

The Black Youth Project 100 seeks to end gender-based violence towards black women, girls, femmes, and non-conforming people. To get involved, become a member, join a campaign, or suggest a different way to help.

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People:

The NAACP works to achieve social, racial, economic, and political equality for all citizens. To get involved connect with your local unit


Books & Breakfast:

Books & Breakfast provides elementary and middle school children in Evanston, IL with breakfast and academic tutoring to ensure success in their students. To volunteer, fill out the form, most volunteers commit to one morning a week and work with one to two students.


Baltimore United for Change:

The BUC works to combat social justice issues in the Baltimore area, forming three days after the murder of Freddie Gray and operating since. To volunteer, they ask you to fill out a form sharing your skillset.


Black Boston:

Black Boston is working in conjunction with in solidarity with City Councilors, Julia Mejia, and Richard Arroyo’s, proposition condemning police brutality, racial profiling, and excessive force. To get involved with their events visit their Facebook.

Mass Action Against Police Brutality:

Mass Action Against Police Brutality regularly organizes events fighting police brutality against black Americans. To attend one of their events visit their Facebook.


Communities United Against Police Brutality:

Communities United Against Police Brutality works to deal with the day-to-day realities of police brutality in Minneapolis and St. Paul. To volunteer fill out their contact form and check the box indicating you are interested in volunteering.


Hands Up United:

Hands Up United fights for the liberation of black and brown people in the United States through self-determination and political education. To learn about their projects and how to help visit their projects page, and to find local events visit their events page.

New York:

Black Women’s Blueprint:

Black Women’s Blueprint is working to liberate black women of racial and gender-based oppression. To volunteer visit their website and view ways to get involved or become a member.

Communities United for Police Reform:

Communities United for Police Reform works to end police brutality and abuse in New York City. To get involved check out their website’s event page.

Safety Beyond Policing:

Safety Beyond Policing advocates for safer neighborhoods achieved by addressing poverty, instead of increased funding and hiring for the NYPD. To get involved with Safety Beyond Policing check out their Facebook.

Thank you to Essence for providing the information found on this page.